Expanding your customer base
Expanding your customer base

At Opportunity Peterborough we know that a key concern for local businesses is access to new clients. Of course there are two ways of increasing your marketshare: increase your domestic client base or look overseas to new markets. Opportunity Peterborough is well placed to help on both sides of the equation.

Access to new domestic clients can be achieved in part through changes to marketing and business strategy. Opportunity Peterborough can introduce you to the support you need to make those changes.

Whilst increasing domestic market share may seem an easier option, research has shown that companies who do business overseas become more productive, achieve higher levels of growth and simply have a better rate of survival than those that don’t.

Exporting isn’t just for manufacturers and producers of physical goods; the UK is actually the world’s 2nd largest exporter of commercial services.

Opportunity Peterborough is well connected with the major partners able to help in your international growth – Department for International Trade, Enterprise Europe Network and the Chambers of Commerce – and we’re ideally placed to make introductions to the right contacts for your business needs.

So whatever your business, get in touch to find out how we can make introductions to the organisations that can help you achieve your growth potential.

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