Startup Peterborough – Eventifyit – Cohort Profile


Looking for local events in your area?  Eventifyit

Web Apps: Eventifyit

Business Owner: Tim Cross

Which stage are you at with your business? Drafting the first business plan and testing out my ideas.

What’s spurred you into starting your own business?

At the start, I had not planned to start my own business! It was more about the idea and how I could help local communities, be able to connect more easily. That was my initial focus, and this has spurred me to create my own business, Eventifyit.

How did you come up with your business idea?

Eventifyit came into being due to my frustrations of always missing local events we really wanted to go to but didn’t know about them in time or just missed them completely! And at the same time spending to much time looking on social media and other sites, trying to find local events which are not miles away! I felt there must be a better way to solve this issue, and Eventifyit was, created.

How has Startup Peterborough helped your planning / business so far?

The information that Startup Peterborough has given me to create my business plan has been invaluable. I am now aware of more potential pitfalls, and have had lots of advice and tips to develop my idea and plans for Eventifyit. I’ve also picked up great advice to promote my business which is one of the biggest hurdles. The team have been really helpful!

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in setting up your own company? How have you overcome them?

So far, the biggest challenge was needing to learn lots of new skills that I needed to incorporate, from website design, coding, and app development and also hiring and copywriters when creating the Eventifyit site.

And now the next step to get the site noticed which again will be a huge challenge.

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of setting up your business?

Hopefully, when people start to use the Eventifyit site in the UK, they will see how easy it will be to find all types of local events happening in their local communities they didn’t know about before, even though they are right on their doorstep.

And at the same time encouraging local people to try new activities, join new groups, and be part of their local communities.


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