Startup Peterborough – Red Promotions – Cohort Profile


Company name: Red Promotions, run by Paul Kilby

Which stage are you at with your business? Registered and running for less than 1 year

What does your business do?

Sales training.

What’s spurred you into starting your own business?
I have worked with a lot of small businesses in my previous job (packaging) and noticed that while many of them were fantastic at their core business, they were struggling to get orders. Often this was down to a lack of sales skills. I wanted to help them.

How did you come up with your business idea?
It was after I sat in on a sales presentation where I knew the product was great, but the sales person didn’t get the order because he didn’t even ask for it! I was determined to help that business get more orders, and I did (with just one class). Now I help as many businesses as I can.

How has Startup Peterborough helped your planning / business so far?
Startup Peterborough has been helpful in lots of ways. It’s given me another group of business owners to network with. James, the facilitator has been very generous in sharing both his time and knowledge (thank you James!). During the weekly seminars I’ve been able to interact with speakers I just wouldn’t normally have access to. I’ve also made some new friends.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve overcome (or are overcoming) in setting up and running your own company?
So far, I can’t name a particular challenge I’ve struggled with. At least not one that’s been a problem. I planned out how I want the business to run, plotted out what sort of income it needs to be viable and gone through the necessary legal requirements. Now it’s just a matter of getting on with it. If I REALLY HAD to come up with a challenge I’d say ‘time’. An extra 4 hours a day would come in very useful. 😊

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of setting up your business?
That’s easy: creating something that helps people.


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