Startup Peterborough – Crisecca Creations – Cohort Profile

Company name: Crisecca Creations, run by Alison Sampson

Which stage are you at with your business? Testing out my ideas

What does your business do?

  • Creating bespoke handmade items and art from new, donated and recycled fabrics.
  • Product development support and consultancy.

What’s spurred you into starting your own business?
For some years I have utilised my creativity to make unique items, often from recycled fabrics, and to sell them to raise funds for a charity I support. As time has gone on the desire to make a difference is still my motivation but I am now ready to progress the ideas into a business, developing services and products with a positive ethos.

How did you come up with your business idea?
This has evolved over time and I am now focusing on a smaller number of specific products / services for further development as I prepare to make the transition from hobby to small business.

How has Startup Peterborough helped your planning / business so far?
Startup Peterborough has enhanced my knowledge of the building blocks of starting a new business.

My ‘day job’ is a very different business so the course has helped me to adapt my thinking to prepare for a consumer based retail trade. It has also been really good to spend time with the cohort who offer a wide range of business ideas and plans. Spending time with James O’Rawe to talk over thoughts and consolidate them into a basic plan has been very helpful.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve overcome (or are
overcoming) in setting up and running your own company?
Time! The new business is a future plan so it is currently not possible to put the time in that is needed for research, planning and promotion. Marketing and selling direct to consumers is also an area I need to build confidence in.

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of setting up your business?
It has been really good to be pushed out of my comfort zone and rewarding to spend time with small business owners who are crafters and artists.

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