XL Displays – Lead Partner – Startup Peterborough

XL Displays, like so many of the companies supported by Startup Peterborough, is a business that began as a start up. 

As a new mum, struggling to agree a suitable contract with a former employer during a difficult recession period, starting up a new business probably wouldn’t have been on everyone’s to-do list! But Joanne Bass saw an opportunity and used her extensive industry knowledge, unwavering determination and tenacious nature to ensure her brand new event and exhibition stand business succeeded – all whilst nursing a six-month-old baby. 

Building the foundations from her dining room to a company which now boasts a 18,000 sq.ft office and manufacturing facility and employs more than 50 staff members, Joanne has consistently invested profits back into the business, over the years gradually growing XL Displays’ premises and workforce. By managing the business’ growth in a sustainable way, Joanne has been able to maintain a high-level of customer reviews for XL Displays’ products and services while building a positive work environment for her employees. XL Displays is built on the ethos that anyone can do anything with a bit of hard work and determination, and the business invests significant time and effort into mentoring and coaching each person who steps through the door.  

Having gone through the process of starting her own business, and growing it into a successful enterprise, Joanne is proud that XL Displays is part of the Peterborough business community. With a view to giving back to the community that formed the backdrop to the company’s success, XL Displays recruits and trains the majority of its staff from the local area, and wherever possible, finds suppliers in the Peterborough area to support other local businesses. 

In addition, since starting her own career as an apprentice, Joanne is a big advocate of employing school leavers and providing opportunities through the national apprenticeship scheme. XL Displays has encouraged many members of staff to study for qualifications on customer service, team leader and management level apprenticeships. 

Being a partner of Startup Peterborough offers a larger platform through which XL Displays can give back to the local business community; encouraging and supporting those considering, or in the process of, starting their own business. Experience shouldn’t go to waste; the more we can share knowledge amongst the Peterborough startup community, the more we will see business thriving in the local area. 


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