Peterborough Workspace – Lead Partner – Startup Peterborough

Our primary area of support is through the provision of low-cost, fuss-free, workspaces, units and spaces for businesses that are early on in their development. We also provide other services and support, whether it is events, workshops, networking meetings or training session, access to our network of other businesses and providers and more.

We don’t provide an incubator programme, instead we prefer to operate an ‘open door’ policy for support. Our clients can access us for advice, opinion, support and more on a time-scale and level that suits them. No two businesses or business owners are the same, so we let them set the tone, speed and level of support.

We have been operating since 1991 and have extensive insight, knowledge, information and experience of what it’s like to be a start-up. We can draw on the experience and lessons learnt by the 400+ businesses we’ve had as tenants as well as our own knowledge.

Peterborough Workspace Ltd is actually a not-for-profit organisation, which may give some insight into why we have played an active part in the creation of Startup Peterborough. We see this programme as a way to make an impact on the local community and economy. Giving residents access to advice, support, insight and actual experience may enable them to succeed where previously they may have struggled.


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