CityFibre – Lead Partner – Startup Peterborough

CityFibre is on a mission to futureproof the UK’s connectivity. We’re building a new communications infrastructure that uses the best available technology – full fibre – to give towns and cities the digital foundation they need to thrive.

Peterborough’s Gigabit City journey began in October 2013 when CityFibre signed a strategic partnership with Peterborough City Council to connect 107 public sector sites. Our £10million investment allowed 120km of network to be built in a year and meant the business community could also access full fibre and Gigabit-speed connectivity.

Following the launch of CityFibre’s business network, Peterborough saw a spike in new business start-ups. First class connectivity is essential for businesses to thrive and full fibre uses 100% fibre optic technology to carry data at Gigabit speed – a far cry from networks built for telephones which carry sound, not data.

In 2018 CityFibre started its Fibre-to-the Premises rollout – a £30million investment to bring Gigabit speed connectivity to almost every home and business in the city – making Peterborough one of the best connected places in the UK.

As one of first places in the country for a FTTP network rollout, the CityFibre digital transformation of Peterborough brings millions of pounds of economic benefits from increased business productivity, inward investment, driving innovation, private household benefits, and smart city initiatives.

In the next 15 years, £25million of economic benefit is expected to be driven by new business start-ups in Peterborough thanks to CityFibre’s network rollout.

CityFibre is delighted to be a lead partner in StartUp Peterborough to encourage entrepreneurs. Starting a business is big step full of excitement, hope and ambition, but it’s also challenging, and the more support and guidance along the way the better. One thing entrepreneurs will not have to worry about is their digital connectivity, CityFibre has that one covered!


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