Share Peterborough

What is Share Peterborough?

Share Peterborough is a free online sharing platform where businesses can exchange products, skills, services and underutilised resources with each other.

Developed and managed by Opportunity Peterborough and Peterborough City Council, Share Peterborough is exclusively for organisations in the Peterborough area to help with:

  • Access to equipment, services, skills, facilities and other resources across the city
  • Improving resource efficiency
  • Cutting down on waste – it could help find a new home for equipment and furniture that’s no longer needed or aid in the discovery of an organisation that can make use of currently unused by-products
  • Reducing the area’s environmental impact by encouraging sustainable practices.
  • Collaboration through the sharing of skills and expertise

Whether you have office furniture you no longer need, a meeting room that’s usually empty, or even have ideas and ingenuity to share, you can use Share Peterborough to begin sharing, swapping and saving today.

Share Peterborough forms part of the Future Peterborough programme and is contributing towards Peterborough’s vision of becoming a ‘Circular City’. You can read more about the origins of Share Peterborough on the website.

How to Register

Registration is easy and free– all you need to do is create your password and fill in some basic information about your organisation.

Bondholder Network members can opt for quick registration which automatically transfers their business’s Bondholder profile information to the Share Peterborough site.

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