Zero Waste Week is edging closer

With a number of businesses and homes already signed up, Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) urges you to get involved!

From the 17th to the 25th November, Zero Waste Week will once again be launching itself onto Peterborough residents and businesses – and it promises to be a good one! Last year 26 businesses participated with great results. Ikea, Bakkovour Freshcook, Budget Paper Supplies, Queensgate and Mars Petcare all managed to divert an astonishing 90% or more from landfill, a target which we hope to achieve once again. Taking a look at figures such as these, we are able to appreciate just how much waste goes unnecessarily to landfill and how, with a few minor changes to normal routine, this can be drastically altered.

Zero Waste Week has been designed to make these changes as hassle-free as possible – you may even find that you enjoy doing your bit to help the environment. Businesses last year took part by having Ban the Bin campaigns, reducing mail waste, going paper free, introducing composting and making their own plant pots. These are just some simple options that we found had the greatest success, but you can try any other inventive ideas that spring to mind.

This year, activities include a bring and share lunch to be hosted by PECT, a great opportunity to interact with other local businesses and a Christmas decorations class with Greeniversity, one of our unique projects that facilitates the sharing of our community’s skills. There are also many more great activities in formulation, meaning that this year promises to be the best yet! In previous years, changes made have been sustained by businesses and individuals after Zero Waste Week has finished. The ease with which you can change minor habits and the money saved in doing so make this a desirable way to keep your office or home. To make this as easy as possible to complete, we have step-by-step guides to completing your Week filled with handy tips and tricks to make the most out of your Zero Waste Week experience.

We already have a number of businesses signed up to participate this year and make their office as green as possible. Amongst these are: Axiom Housing Association, Peterborough Regional College, Yorkshire Energy Partnership, Blue Sky Peterborough Ltd. and Waste Watch. Our Zero Waste Week is already including businesses from London and other areas of the country – we urge you to jump on the band wagon and get involved as so many other businesses all around the country are!

If you would like to get involved and add your name to this list you can do so by emailing or calling 01733 882547. You can also drop by the PECT offices to pick up your free step-by-step guide.