Peterborough-based Metrix Marketing ( is offering people the chance to win £1,000 in exchange for taking part in a ten minute telephone conversation.

The company is undertaking research into the buying and selling of homes and wants to talk to people who have recently bought a new home or are currently looking for one. The aim is to help housebuilders with the design and marketing of new properties – but the research is open to people who have bought or are looking at ‘used’ properties as well as brand new ones.

Details of the research are on a special website at

Everyone who takes part in the research will have their name entered into a draw to win a cash prize of £1,000.

Metrix director Mike Holland said: “We want to talk to people about their experience of searching for a new home.

“How easy is it to find the home of your dreams? How could housebuilders improve what they offer – from the houses themselves through to the way information is presented on websites?”

Metrix Marketing recently launched a new blog, EasternNewHomeBuyer, which provides a variety of news and information that actual and potential new home buyers will find useful to help them make informed decisions about choosing a new property. It can be found online simply by searching for “EasternNewHomeBuyer”.

The blog offers a variety of material about new homes, housing market updates, current trends and new developments in the UK homebuilding industry.

It also highlights some of the news, comments, statistics and other information featured in regional and national media coverage.