Why do you NEED a Health and Safety Consultant?

Why take a chance on your profits, your employees and your business?

Figures published today show slight falls in a number of key areas of workplace ill-health and injury.

The provisional statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that in Britain between April 2011 and March 2012:

*22,433 major injuries such as amputations, fractures and burns, to employees were reported – a rate of 89.90 injuries per 100,000 workers – compared with 24,944 in 2010/11. The average for the past five years is 27,170

*88,731 other injuries serious enough to keep people off work for four or more days were reported – a rate of 355.5 injuries per 100,000 employees – down from 91,742 the previous year. The average for the past five years is 103,627

*An estimated 1.1 million people said they were suffering from an illness caused or made worse by their work, down from 1.2 million in 2010/11. Of these, 452,000 were new illnesses occurring in-year. The average for the past five years was 1.25 million with an average 554,000 new cases each year

*173 workers fatally injured – down from 175 the previous year. The average for the past five years was 196 worker deaths per year.

Do you use companies to assist you with any areas of health and safety?, especially since HSE confirmed that its cost recovery scheme, Fee for Intervention (FFI), began on 1 October 2012. The FFI hourly rate for 2012/13 is £124. HSE have suggested the approximate figure for an average intervention will be £3000.

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