WhiteConcierge chooses DSM to deliver a Superior service

WhiteConcierge has been providing the highest standards of white-labelled and branded concierge and lifestyle management for more than a decade.

Head of Security at WhiteConcierge said …

‘We have been using DSM as our Business Continuity partner for over three years and have been so pleased with their service we recently renewed our contract with them for another three year period. We have found them to be highly responsive to our requirements and to deliver an excellent level of service which is essential for the sustainable operation of our organisation. For example, we recently experienced an issue with our external Internet connection which meant we suffered the loss of some operationally required services including e-mail. DSM was able to assist us by rapidly ramping up our bandwidth outgoing via their gateway so that availability of these applications was restored. This service was outside the normal scope of our contract and a large contributing factor in keeping our company running as closely as possible to ‘business as normal’ while the main line was repaired.’

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