Water technological solutions wanted!

Cyprus has identified its key water challenges and is looking for UK companies to provide innovative technological solutions to match their needs, as shown below:

  • Storm water management system at an airport: Accumulated storm water at an airport flows into a nearby lake which is part of the NATURA 2000 network. The airport has to ensure that the quality of the water running into the lake is the appropriate one.
  • Managing storm water in a quarry: Many already use a sludge compactor to remove and reuse storm water but new technologies are needed to help minimise the use of the water in the quarry industry.
  • Dust mitigating techniques in a quarry with the use of less water: new technological solutions are needed to replace foams, which are considered to be expensive, and dust vacuum collectors, which are considered impractical.
  • Waste water management in a biological station for minimising odours.
  • Sewerage pipes often get blocked due to the presence of oils and fats. Current oil traps are located in the sewers; however, the collected oil is not collected but released in the sewer. Hotels and restaurants often bypass the traps. Therefore, there is need for a practical system to collect oils and fats from kitchens prior to joining the remaining sewerage system. It is also essential to have easy and quick collection and packaging that is suitable for transport to anaerobic stations for biogas production.
  • Management of waste water in the pharmaceutical industry: A large pharmaceutical company would like methods of reduction or reuse. Due to high quality standards the water cannot be reused in the production.
  • Minimising the water use in breweries and wineries.
  • Sustainable management of liquid ammonia arising from an ammonia scrubber (reuse, sales opportunities etc.)

If your company can provide solutions to any of the challenges listed above, please contact Gareth Jones at