Water Innovation Network invites innovators to collaborate and learn more about AMP6

The Water Innovation Network (WIN), a partnership between Anglian Water and Opportunity Peterborough, is inviting innovators from businesses large and small to a workshop next month to learn more about AMP6.

Challenges and changes in the next AMP will be discussed with senior speakers from the Anglian Water supply chain and asset management team leading discussions and presenting at the event. Presentations will be made by Jason Tucker (Head of Capital Delivery and Supply Chain Management), Chris Royce (Strategic Asset Manager) and Mark Hedges from the @one Alliance

With its mantra of Innovation, Collaboration and Transformation the water company is keen to promote effective new processes and products across the business from supply chain to customer services and work with organisations who can provide sustainable solutions to business challenges.

Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation explains: We have always encouraged innovation through our Water Innovation Network and we want to continue this through AMP6 and beyond. The changes in the next AMP6 will affect those who work with us so we have a responsibility to share what it means for us and our suppliers.

“We encourage all innovators with an interest in the water industry to attend. Through our Water Innovation Network we work with everyone from self-employed individuals to large multinationals, the size and location of a company are no barriers, it’s the ideas and solutions that count.”

The event will be held at the Kingsgate Conference centre in Peterborough on Wednesday 9 July at 9:30am. To register email Nilam Patel at For more information about the Water Innovation Network visit