Using the right professional team for GDPR

There are many businesses which are not aware of the changes to the laws of managing personal data, My business came across GDPR whilst our Technical Director attended a seminar on cyber security.

The outcome of this seminar has changed our business, I will explain why.

We realised that we needed to be compliant with GDPR as everyday we handle personal data in our document scanning business, so our Technical Director (TD) herewith took the first part of qualifying to manage our GDPR requirements.

The next stage we decided was for our TD to gain the current highest level of qualification available, which is a Certified EU GDPR Practitioner, which he did.

We then realised there is a conflict of interest so our TD could not manage our GDPR requirements.

So what do we do ?

We decided to form a new company JS Data Protection Advisors Ltd  to deliver GDPR not only to our document scanning company but to all other businesses and organisations who will require it.

This all took place in May this year and in such a short time we are seeing the birth of our business and have won the order to deliver GDPR to Queens College Cambridge.

We have also formed partnerships with another company to deliver cyber security and are in the process of soon being able to provide a software solution to smaller businesses who may wish to do their own GDPR work.

We aim to make this affordable for everyone. It has amazed us to see how quickly your business model can adapt, change and become successful as quickly as this has.

Please remember there is no hiding from GDPR it is the law, however we can help you every step of the journey to becoming compliant.