Housebuilder and developer Larkfleet Homes ( is urging potential homebuyers to take advantage of its wide selection of buying incentives this Easter weekend. The builder offers a number of schemes which could allow people to own a new Larkfleet property much sooner than they think – and for less.

Larkfleet has several developments across the East Midlands and East of England including Bourne, Pinchbeck and Deeping (Lincolnshire), Peterborough (Cambridgeshire) and Oakham (Rutland) which offer plenty of choice for those looking to purchase a home.

The company understands how stressful buying a home can be, and that financial circumstances can vary, so it has developed a range of finance schemes and options which it can tailor to suit individual buyers’ needs.

For example, The Croft in Bourne ( is a lifestyle living community for the over 55s which offers modern and stylish properties to suit its residents’ needs.

If buyers at The Croft need help to sell their existing property, Larkfleet will provide valuations for their home from two local estate agents. When the current market value is agreed, Larkfleet then manages the process of selling the existing home, right through to exchange of contracts – including liaising with the agents, advertising and negotiating with prospective purchasers. On completion of the sale of the existing home and the purchase of a new home at The Croft, Larkfleet will also pay the estate agents’ fees.

In addition, on selected plots at The Croft, homebuyers can agree to pay only a percentage of the purchase price and the remaining amount is then provided as an interest-free equity loan by Larkfleet, only repayable when the property is sold. This could mean that homebuyers could own a property valued at £139,995 but pay just £118,995 through a 85 per cent shared equity scheme. They would then repay the 15 per cent only when they sold the property.
Larkfleet also offers shared equity arrangements at other sites including Glen Grange in Pinchbeck. Based on a shared equity arrangement, homebuyers could own a high quality new two-bedroom property for just £104,995, based on a 75 per cent shared equity scheme.

Some homebuyers need a little extra help in order to buy a property. Larkfleet’s independent financial advisors and solicitors will work with buyers in arranging the purchase in the most economical and tax-efficient way.

For homebuyers looking for a new starter home, many of Larkfleet’s developments, including Abbeyfields in Bourne, offer the government-backed NewBuy and FirstBuy schemes which allow homebuyers to cut the cost of home purchase.

NewBuy is a ‘mortgage indemnity’ scheme that aims to help people with smaller deposits buy a new-build home. NewBuy allows homebuyers to get a mortgage with a deposit of as little as five per cent of the purchase price. The lenders participating in the scheme will then provide a mortgage of up to 95 per cent of the purchase price if homebuyers meet their qualifying criteria.

FirstBuy is a ‘shared equity’ arrangement where the government and the builder provide a loan (interest free for five years) to cover up to 20 per cent of the purchase price. Homebuyers then have to contribute a deposit of just five per cent.

Larkfleet is also happy to talk to potential homebuyers about the inclusion of carpets and turf in the price of their new property.

Alongside its various offers and incentive schemes, Larkfleet is running a special Easter promotion. It is conducting a poll by asking visitors to its showhomes during the Easter weekend (Friday 29 March – Monday 1 April), ‘which came first, the chick, or the egg’? Each participant will then receive a chocolate Easter egg or a fluffy toy Easter chick to take away with them – depending on their answer.

The results of this Easter poll will be published on the Larkfleet website in April where it will be revealed whether the majority of showhome visitors are soft toy or chocolate lovers.

To take part in the poll and receive a free gift, visitors must complete a short visitor survey form at a Larkfleet sales office. All completed visitor survey forms will also be entered into a prize draw to win £1,000.

Larkfleet managing director, Karl Hick, said: “Larkfleet is committed to helping people own their dream home, whether it’s their first home or fifth. The long Easter weekend provides a great opportunity for potential homebuyers to visit one or more Larkfleet sales offices to see just how Larkfleet can help them. In most cases, I am sure people will discover that they could own their very own Larkfleet property much sooner than they think.”

The Croft was developed by Larkfleet Homes ( and Keystone Developments (

For more details on Larkfleet developments, please visit or contact a sales advisor on 01778 391550. Terms and conditions apply to any promotions.