Top tips for independents

Independents vs. multinationals? “Independents can win every time but need to keep ahead of the retail giants” so says Nick Siragher of Shopper Anonymous, the customer service company.

Whilst there is some doom and gloom on the high streetthe jewel in the crown of the retail sector are well run independents.  Based on research conducted throughout the UK Shopper Anonymous has summarised the top five things independents should do to keep ahead of the game.

1. Have a great first impression – Update web sites and window displays regularly.  Check your out-of-office voice mail, and your auto email response, are they really welcoming?  In store, welcome every customer.

2. Know your products – Customer expectations are high  – To help staff learn more about key benefits have staff showcase products to each other, as if they are showing them to customers.

3. Personalise – To add a personal touch staff and managers should all wear name badges, and when possible use your customer’s name.

4. Know you customers – use focus groups and customer surveys to understand what your customers really want, and what they think about you.  Listen and learn!

5. Add value, don’t reduce price – offer value such as extra servicing or low cost add on products.  Use this added value to make your offer beat the multi-nationals

Contributor: Nick Siragher, Managing Director Shopper Anonymous Cambridge

Contact details: 01223 316 973