Time to say goodbye……

The tricky issue of what happens when an employee leaves is one of the subjects being covered by Roythornes solicitors in a seminar for businesses on 14th March.

The seminar will look at how to handle sickness in the workplace, what to do when somebody leaves, and restrictive covenants. 

Speaking about the event, Phil Cookson who leads the Peterborough employment team said:

“The event tackles major issues – we asked our employment contacts what they wanted to hear about and sickness in the workplace was one of the recurring requests.  Businesses are running on limited resources and illness in the workplace can add additional strain to their operations.”

Phil went on to explain that they will also be covering what happens when an employee leaves.

“When an employee leaves there are often issues which remain unresolved and which could cause problems in the future.  The seminar aims to clarify some of the main points such as who owns any contacts the employee has made through LinkedIn, can any training costs be recouped, and how can you enforce a restrictive covenant to stop them taking your customers with them?”

The seminar, which already has over 60 delegates registered takes place in Peterborough and any employers who would like to attend should contact Mark Dodds at Roythornes