The worlds most exciting careers fair need volunteers

The Worlds Most Exciting Career Fair is taking place on the Embankment in Peterborough on 18 July this year for the City’s 15-19 year olds. The big top marquees in place for the Willow and Levity Festivals will be used for the event.  So far there are bands booked in the central arena, 100 businesses attending, as well as apprenticeship providers, Colleges and Universities so it is set to be an exciting event for young people.

One of the many activities on offer is a CV Bootcamp where young people can bring their CV’s to be critiqued and get feedback. We are still looking for volunteers to help resource this area.  The fair runs 9.30 – 3.30 but volunteers can book in for half day slots.

Schools are booking groups of students into the fair but many of our students are not in school at that time of year.  We are therefore planning marketing activities to target the young people direct.  We would love to be able to offer a raffle prize for those attending such as an iPad.   We feel this would be a great added incentive to make the walk onto the Embankment!  Please contact if you would like to sponsor the event in this way or be part of the CV Bootcamp.