The Committed Project – Using High Profile Adventure to Stop Youth Offending

Nothing engages people like adventure; it grabs our imagination and brings out the best in the human spirit. The Committed Project is using this power to work with hard to reach young people in the local community. We affect radical change in young lives using extreme, world-first expeditions, to take young people out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons – giving them a sense of self worth, accomplishment, and self esteem. We also provide a taste of employment and give them relevant skills for the jobs they actually want. In short, everything needed to break the cycle of re-offending.

The national average states that 75% of young men coming out of the youth offending system will re-offend within the first year of release. Last year we put on an audacious 12 month program of extreme physical training and skill based mini-adventures, culminating in an expedition using members of the British special forces (SAS) to recreate the SAS selection test. From the entire year’s intake, our re-offending rate was 12.5%. A year further on, instead of going back into the prison system, our ex-team members are in full time employment, finishing college courses, and even taking University degrees.

In 2013/14 we’re doing something even bigger. Using support from SAS officers, specialist trainers (including Everest mountaineers and transatlantic rowers), celebrities from the world of Rugby, world class expedition leaders, the prison service, a team of specialist psychologists, the UK mentoring charity Trailblazers and PR agencies, we are going to take our team to Arctic Greenland to complete a 400 mile (unsupported) crossing of one of the world’s biggest icecaps, on foot. No one has ever taken a team like this on such an extreme journey, to a place where temperatures regularly drop below minus 40 degrees centigrade. Media interest is extremely high, with a documentary film crew following our every move throughout the project.

We are currently looking to engage local businesses in our project. We offer completely unique, high-profile, sponsorship opportunities that directly benefit the local area, as well as nation wide. From taking part in our adventures yourself, as a corporate team, to being associated with our motivational people and audacious adventures, the Committed project delivers in a way no one else can.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us in the following ways:

T: 07944 913 245 (Project Co-Ordinator)