Tender Opportunity: Must Farm Archive
Tender Opportunity: Must Farm Archive

Request for quotation: An evaluation of the heritage and economic opportunities presented by the Must Farm archive.


Contract Title: Proposals for the curation and display of the Must Farm and Flag Fen Excavation Archives and the future of the Flag Fen Archaeological Park: a re-examination based on the 2014 Atkins Report

Period of Contract: 11 weeks

Project Officer contact: Jonathan Latchford

(01733) 864 661

Date and time for quotation return: 06/02/2017 at 10:00am

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Please note:

The commission is for consultants to assess the optimum solutions for the conservation, interpretation and research opportunities of the archaeological finds at Must Farm and Flag Fen, and how these finds can best be made accessible to the public. The finds have generated significant regional, national and international interest, and any solution needs to ensure that economic opportunities arising from that interest are maximised. Funding viability and the long-term sustainability of any proposed solution also need to be taken into account alongside these aspirations.

At this point there are no preconceptions about what the solution might be and speculation around options could compromise or prejudice the work of the consultants. The appointed consultants will be expected to take an objective view of the opportunity and report to the commissioning parties and associated partners accordingly.

Any further enquiries should be directed to the managing team at Opportunity Peterborough: Steve Bowyer on  or 01733 317417.