Stress management for business owners, directors & managers
Stress management for business owners, directors & managers

Are you a business owner, director or manager:

* Who is currently finding it difficult to cope with high levels of stress at work or in your business, whether you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you are going through a very stressful and challenging period or your stress has been building up over time.

* Wanting to learn more about stress management, how to manage stress positively at work and in your business and wanting to learn practical stress management tips and strategies.

Try the new online video based course from Makin It Happen for the Autumn special offer price of £10 (until 31 October 2017) at

Once you sign up for the course you have lifetime access so you can watch it at your convenience on your computer, tablet or smart phone. The course is made up of short bite sized videos, you don’t need to watch it all at once and can dip in and out of the lectures at your convenience. You can choose to complete the whole course or just watch the lectures that are most relevant to you, whichever you prefer.

Here is some of the course feedback we have received:

“This is a great course to explore all the aspects of stress, how it seeps into your life and affects your performance. It’s very informative, the course tutor is very knowledgeable and provides good clear information and a lot to think about. The worksheets are clear and help to focus what are the underlying causes and as you go through the lectures you are able to understand your own personal stress vulnerabilities and ways to address these. Lots of tips and ideas and Liz gives a plethora of options on how to manage stress in your business. Thank you.”

“As a busy business owner used to dealing with stress, I thought I knew all about my stress and what caused it. I was wrong! The course helped me identify new sources of stress and gave me tips to better manage it all. Have recommended the course to others. Well worth taking the course whether you’re feeling stressed right now or not. Thank you.”

“This is an excellent course that helps you to understand the effects stress can have on you as an individual as well as those around you. It’s simple to follow with exercises to help you develop a plan.”

“This course material from Liz is so refreshing and novel, it makes you want to learn more. It is easily applicable to business and there are small things you can try each day, as well as grasping the bigger picture. Thanks Liz, love it!”

“This is a very easy to follow and concise course. Great course that I can follow in bite size chunks. The tutor is very clear and knowledgeable too. Very easy to watch on mobile app which means I can catch up in stages.”

“What a great course, there’s nothing it doesn’t cover!”