Marketing communications company Metrix Marketing has launched a ‘senior executive briefing’ for senior company decision-makers who feel they may be left behind by the ‘social media revolution’.

The interactive half-day one-to-one or small group sessions are targeted on the specific needs of individual companies and their executives. They aim to help company managers and directors understand the new social media technologies and tools and evaluate whether they have a role to play in their own business.

Metrix Marketing managing director Mike Holland (aged 57) said: “There is a division opening up in many companies between younger staff and company leaders.

“Younger staff are often heavy users of social media themselves and see tremendous opportunities for their businesses to get involved.

“Company leaders and senior managers are often slightly older and are less comfortable with social media. Importantly, they also have responsibility for determining whether money spent in this area will benefit the business. They must also address concerns about potential ‘downsides’ such as the damage that can be done to corporate reputation by badly managed social media activity.”

The social media briefing being offered by Metrix starts by explaining – if it is necessary – what the leading social media tools are and how they are used by both individuals and businesses. They then look at how, if at all, these tools might profitably be used by the company receiving the briefing.

Hannah Thomas (aged 25), a communications consultant and social media expert at Metrix, said: “Directors and senior managers are sometimes at a disadvantage in discussing social media with younger colleagues because they are understandably reluctant to reveal the limitations of their knowledge.

“They are also perhaps reluctant to attend training courses on the topic because much of the material will not be immediately relevant to them and their businesses – and, anyway, they often simply do not have the time.

“The company-specific briefings being offered by Metrix tackle both of these issues – they are totally confidential, tailored to individual businesses and their executives, and they permit specific questions and opportunities to be explored in depth.”

Mike Holland added: “We have provided this type of advice to senior people at a number of clients on an informal basis over the past few months. We have therefore decided to formalise this and offer it more widely as a service.”

If you are interested in exploring what a social media briefing might offer you or your business please simply email or call Mike Holland or Hannah Thomas for a confidential discussion on 01733 564 906.