Peterborough-based marketing communications consultancy Smye Holland Associates ( has gained its first client in Russia.

StarForce Technologies ( – based in Moscow – has hired the UK company to help promote its expertise in English-speaking markets worldwide.

StarForce specialises in copy protection, anti reverse-engineering and document security software which protects ‘digital content’ – software, documents and files stored or transmitted using computers – from copying, hacking and unauthorised use. For many years it has been the leading security software developer for the Russian multimedia market which is infamous for its rampant software piracy.

Smye Holland Associates will help StarForce to secure additional world-wide business by raising the company’s profile in both on-line and printed media across the globe.

Dmitry Guseff, Deputy Marketing Director at StarForce, said: “We recognised a need for expert help in expanding our business. Smye Holland Associates has the marketing communications and public relations expertise and experience that we require.”

Smye Holland Associates already has clients based in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic and the USA. It specialises in ‘business-to-business’ marketing communications, particularly for technology and manufacturing companies.

Managing director Mike Holland said: “Our business is becoming increasingly international and we are delighted to be working with Russian-based StarForce.”

StarForce has representative sales offices in Russia, France, and China.