Share Peterborough reaches milestone registration
Share Peterborough reaches milestone registration

The UK’s first business to business resource sharing platform to be developed by a city, Share Peterborough, is celebrating its 100th registration.

The eclectic mix of businesses means that amongst the first 100 members are international brands like Coca-Cola European Partners and Skanska, local businesses Serpentine Green and Rawlinsons Solicitors, and charities like Thorpe Hall Hospice and Railworld Wildlife Haven.

Developed jointly and launched in December by Opportunity Peterborough and Peterborough City Council, Share Peterborough has received keen interest from the city’s business community who can use it free of charge to share their resources that are either no longer needed or are under-utilised.

Bread for Brewing and telephone systems are amongst the growing number of products, skills and places becoming available on the new sharing platform:

  • Excess bread for brewing from Cross Keys Homes’ Food Cycle hub in Peterborough which aims to use food waste to combat food poverty. Taking inspiration from other cities facing similar challenges, like Glasgow, the organisation is looking for a micro-brewery to use the surplus bread to brew beer.
  • A complete telephone system including phones, headsets and computer screens, listed by Coca-Cola, available in return for a donation to their chosen charity.
  • Meeting spaces within the city. As an example, Opportunity Peterborough took up an offer from Peterborough Regional College to share their conference space for the Future Peterborough team to deliver a free workshop in March.

The platform was developed as part of the Future Peterborough programme, run by economic development company, Opportunity Peterborough and Peterborough City Council. Share Peterborough aims to help develop a circular economy within the city, by allowing organisations to reduce waste, find new uses for items they no longer need and ensure the their resources are used to maximum capacity.

Steve Bowyer, Chief Executive at Opportunity Peterborough said, “There are so many resources available in Peterborough but, until now, the biggest challenge has been how to make these resources available to other organisations, rather than wasted.

“Share Peterborough is really helping to stimulate collaboration, saving businesses time and money by ensuring they avoid waste by maximizing the use of all kinds of resources.”

To find out more about Share Peterborough and to register your business for free, visit: