Road to the Isles

Scotland’s islands are developing a keen interest in one young entrepreneur.  Fifteen year old schoolboy Crawford Johnston is amazed by the numbers of customers approaching him. “The Shetlands, the Orkneys, Tiree…the list just grows. Almost every day there are new parents and schools getting in touch from the islands. Fifty sets this morning to another island school.”

The Peterborough youngster’s Creative Writing Magic Money Cards which he first developed to help with his own English at school have blossomed into a business which now remarkably reaches across five continents. (And they are printed by Peterborough’s Fisherprint using the very latest environmentally friendly techniques.)

“When my idea worked for me I thought that others might be able to use it, too.”  And work it does. Astonishingly well.  Indeed, so uniquely and cleverly that the idea gained legal protection. Rave reviews from the teaching trade press spread the word across the UK.

International bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith joined in the support and wrote a story about Crawford and his idea on his Facebook page. “Mr McCall Smith kindly mentioned my website and within a day his fans from around the world were ordering sets of cards. The first of Mr McCall Smith’s Facebook followers ordered from near Botany Bay in Australia.”

Asked about whether he intends a career in business Crawford, who plays saxophone and piano and enjoys science and music at school, explains that he hasn’t decided what to study at university yet, but adds that he would like to keep his business idea developing and helping other young people.

The road ahead looks bright for this teenager. Sure by Tummel and Loch Rannoch and Lochaber he might go’ as the famous Scottish folk song says.


TES (Times Educational Supplement)

“Well thought out! Quite excellent!”
Reviews Editor, The Teacher (the National Union of Teachers’ magazine)


Parent’s Comment:

“The cards have been brilliant. My 12 year old enjoys them as they are easy to read and follow.

My eight year old uses them, too. We use them for homework.

I tell you who else has found them invaluable…me!”

City of Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh has added Crawford and his Creative Writing Magic Money Cards

to its official suppliers list for schools.