The Skills Service

***Please note, activity on this project is on hold***

The Skills Service is a global award-winning team, providing a brokerage role between businesses, education and training providers.

As part of Opportunity Peterborough, The Skills Service drives economic growth by facilitating effective partnership working between schools, training providers and businesses in order to develop the knowledge, aspirations and employability skills of young people.

Bringing young people into contact with employers helps businesses bridge their skills gaps whilst inspiring young people’s careers choices through work-related learning activities such as careers fairs, enterprise challenges, employer mentoring and work experience placements.
The Skills Service aims to develop the employability skills of our future workforce, co-ordinating activities between businesses and schools, and other organisations with access to young people. Young people need inspiration as well as information and guidance, which is best achieved through effective engagement with employers.

The Skills Service also works with businesses to help with staff training plans, connecting businesses with skills experts, and providing workshops on the benefits of a highly skilled team and alternative recruitment methods such as apprenticeships.

Find out how The Skills Service can help you grow your business here.