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RECOMMEND is a partnership of ‘Regions using ECO-Management for eco-innovation Development’. The primary objective of this project is to improve regional policies for environmental sustainability and to show how environmental management systems can help to solve larger environmental issues around Europe.

The main issue regarding eco-management and/or efficiency is that most individual stakeholders – predominantly SMEs – are unaware of the range of environmental management systems available to them. Quite often small companies that are aware of such systems don’t have access to sufficient support mechanisms to implement these strategies. There also needs to be a specific methodology that a wide range of SMEs can implement to boost their eco-efficiency at a regional level.

There are therefore three main goals which aim to overcome these issues:

  1. To shape regions with vital eco-management commitments in place to raise eco-efficiency at the level of individual stakeholders.
  2. To create and interlink “regional frameworks of eco-management and eco-innovation”.
  3. To make contributions from regional economies more visible around Europe so that these policies can help in overcoming the environmental challenges at European Level.

These goals are being achieved through the exchange of experience between the eleven European partners working on this project, of which five are public authorities with responsibilities on the edge between business and environment. The other six partners have direct influence on their regional policies in order to increase support for eco-efficiency via eco-management.

Between Opportunity Peterborough and these partners, the main output from this project will be the creation of 8 Regional Implementation Plans (RIPs). Each individual RIP will be a ‘ready to implement’ policy that stakeholders in each region can use. Furthermore each of the European partners will help bring recommendations to, and support, other European regions.

For further details, please contact:

Samantha Demaio
Tel: +44 (0) 1733 317422


Funded/supported by: INTERREG IVC part-funds the project.