Professionals missing out on LinkedIn benefits

Four out of five UK professionals are on LinkedIn with the UK the third largest member globally after the United States and India (

But while many people start up an account, very few go on to use it effectively or to its full potential, according to Peterborough PR and marketing agency Media Matters.

The agency is now staging a refresher workshop at its Lynch Wood office on Wednesday, October 30th, for anyone wanting to get more out of this online business tool.

“The potential of LinkedIn remains untapped
for many professionals who just don’t delve
into it deeply enough to discover exactly
how it could benefit them and this is a
real shame,” explained Karen McNulty,
chartered marketer and workshop host
(pictured right).

For more workshop details visit:

And for anyone who can’t make the workshop but would value some help, here are a few simple suggestions, from a previous Media Matters’ blog: