Peterborough to help lead the way for future cities

Peterborough is to join an exclusive group of cities to head a new initiative called the Cities Standard Institute (CSI).

Run in partnership with BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body and the Future Cities Catapult, the CSI will set the standards for what cities need to do to be considered “smart”. Smart cities are urban areas that are highly advanced in terms of infrastructure, sustainability, communications and market viability.

Peterborough will join four of the UK’s leading smart cities, London, Bristol, Glasgow and Birmingham who will sit on the CSI board to interact with the programme.

In 2012 Peterborough was awarded £3 million to become a Future Cities Demonstrator – an initiative to showcase how a city of the future might work more effectively, efficiently and sustainably. Since then the Peterborough DNA project has been creating a step-change in how the city works, by generating economic growth and creating a smarter, more sustainable city for its residents.

DNA Programme Director and Acting Chief Executive of Opportunity Peterborough, Steve Bowyer said: “Over the past two years we have been working with local businesses, residents, communities and third sector organisations, to deliver Peterborough DNA to shape a more joined-up, sustainable, smarter city.

“The invitation to join the Cities Standard Institute is a testament to the success of the DNA programme and its demonstration of the tangible benefits from ‘smart city’ approaches. This new partnership puts Peterborough at the forefront of shaping national smart city policy and will see us share our knowledge and skills with cities across the country.”

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