Peterborough Innovation Challenge Fund opens for applications!

Peterborough DNA’s Innovation Challenge Fund will support businesses with Awards of up to £20,000 to develop innovative solutions to existing city challenges. The fund is an integral part of the Brainwave innovation portal, an online engine matching city challenges with innovative solutions.

The Innovation Challenge Fund has been launched to enable companies to develop solutions, supporting the city’s Environment Capital agenda. Applicants have the opportunity to secure funding of between £1,000 and £20,000. Applications can be submitted in three rounds, each one offering one award of £20,000, two between £1,000 and £5,000 and three of up to £1,000.

Those interested in submitting an application can also attend the Brainwave Innovation Sessions which will give participants the opportunity to engage with other members of Peterborough’s innovation community, meet potential partners and work collaboratively on solving city challenges.

The Innovation Challenge Fund is just one initiative which has been developed as part of the Peterborough DNA work, which began last year as Peterborough was awarded £3m by the Technology Strategy Board, under the Future Cities Demonstrator programme, to deliver both intelligent systems and interventions to transform the city.

For application deadlines, guidance notes and terms & conditions, please visit the Brainwave website.