Peterborough hits the headlines during week of student job controversy

In a week of controversy over government schemes to encourage businesses to give young people work place opportunities, students from a Peterborough school were used to highlight the national issues.

And staff from independent agency Anne Corder Recruitment were called in to offer an expert viewpoint for Channel 4’s news programme.

The plight of unemployed young people is something ACR has been discussing with industry body, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation for some time. There are now more than one million 16-24 year olds out of work – that’s one in five.

Students from Jack Hunt School in Netherton were interviewed by a Channel 4 reporter about their aspirations and career plans. Then one student was introduced to ACR recruitment partner Karen Dykes, at the agency’s Park Road office, to be offered CV and job hunting advice.

The interview was filmed and shown during the report aired at the weekend.

“We are very aware of the issues facing school and university leavers as they begin their job hunt,” said Karen. “One of the key themes of the report was the value to students of unpaid work experience. That was something I discussed with the student on camera – it’s a detail that can help set a CV apart.

“Another element of the report was apprenticeships. Very common a few decades back, they are becoming more popular once more and work well in these times of austerity. Apprentices will generally have lower starting salary expectations than graduates but, with a proper training programme in place, within a short space of time they can bring value into a business.”

The full report is available for viewing on the Channel 4 website:

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