Peterborough Draft Submission Local Plan Published Ahead of Consultation
Peterborough Draft Submission Local Plan Published Ahead of Consultation

The latest version of the Peterborough City Council Local Plan has been published in committee papers for consideration by the Planning and Environment Committee on 19th September 2017.

The plan is seeking to deliver 21,785 new homes during the local plan period 2017 to 2036 and 76 hectares of employment land on existing and newly identified sites. The plan continues to focus the majority of development in and around the urban area of Peterborough with limited new development in the villages.

This latest version of the plan proposes an additional 3,735 new dwellings on a number of newly identified sites which have been selected following the consideration of evidence submitted during the previous consultation; and having applied site assessment criteria to identify the most appropriate locations. The new sites are located as follows:

  • Urban Area – 198 dwellings
  • Urban Extension at East of England Showground – 650 dwellings
  • Large Scale Allocation North of Castor and Ailsworth – 2,500
  • Eye – 250 dwellings
  • Thorney – 50 dwellings
  • Helpston – 82 dwellings
  • Small Villages – 14 dwellings

The key headlines coming out of plan which have already hit the local press relate to the:

  • 2,500 new homes to be delivered to form a new settlement on the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) site to the north of Castor & Ailsworth;
  • The preferred location for the University of Peterborough campus at Fletton Quays

The relatively low amount of employment land (75ha) identified has been identified as a potential long term issue by a number of our clients. The supply of employment land in Peterborough is already relatively low with several existing employment sites subject of existing palnning applications due for completion in the near future. Demand for warehousing and distribution units remains relatively strong however sufficient sites located with access to the strategic highway network will soon be in very short supply. 

A link to the draft local plan can be found below: 


Subject to full council approval in October the Submission Local Plan will go on a six week public consultation sometime in November/December 2017.

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