Peterborough businesses are able to grow, improve productivity and better serve customers with the aid of gigabit connectivity
Peterborough businesses are able to grow, improve productivity and better serve customers with the aid of gigabit connectivity

CityFibre, the UK’s builder of Gigabit Cities, collaborated with Aaron Rowinski, a student from University Centre Peterborough, as part of a bursary to conduct research and produce an independent report to explore the impact that gigabit connectivity has had on Peterborough.

The research included a number of interviews with key stakeholders like the Leader of Peterborough City Council, Cllr John Holdich, Opportunity Peterborough- the urban regeneration company for the city, and local businesses who had installed a gigabit connection since the launch of the pure-fibre network in 2014. 

Aaron’s research also found that participants needed a gigabit connection for beyond just the increased speed. These commonalities included a rise in customer expectations, the drive to more efficient and competitive, and to also future proof their business enabling them to keep up with the growing demand and continue to grow.

The report also explains the experiences businesses have had with gigabit connectivity and how the city’s new ultra-fast internet connection has addressed business issues prior to the network installation. It also demonstrates the positive enablers coming from a gigabit internet connection, with growth, productivity, competitiveness, ability to communicate and customer service responsiveness all seeing improvement since the utilisation of the CityFibre network. 

More businesses are now succeeding in Peterborough, choosing to come to Peterborough, starting in Peterborough and the city is growing. Gigabit internet connectivity has become an important, integral part of the package of Peterborough and has allowed the city to stay ahead of the competition and help ensure it remains future proof.

Fully supporting the Gigabit City Peterborough network, Councillor John Holdich, Leader of Peterborough City Council said, The ultrafast gigabit connection has helped us to sell Peterborough, and its one of the attractions to the city. Its brought a lot of people and businesses into Peterborough and thats what we needed.”

With Simon Machen adding,Ive talked to a lot of businesses and many of the new arrivals in the city, one of their determining factors for their location in Peterborough is connection speed.”

Tom Hennessy from Opportunity Peterborough praised the network, saying, “With the arrival of CityFibres gigabit speed internet network, Peterborough businesses can now benefit from a futureproof digital infrastructure that gives them a competitive edge

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