Peterborough Business Accelerator Summit – 16 June 2017
Peterborough Business Accelerator Summit - 16 June 2017

New member Emerson Patton, Director at Bright Business Advice, held a one-day Business Accelerator Summit in Peterborough at the Kings Gate Conference Centre on 16 June 2017. The event was attended by over 20 businesses in the area and Emerson gave delegates an opportunity to hear first-hand from industry experts on a wide range of subjects from leadership and management, to finance, human resources, operations, marketing and sales.

“The 7-Sector Business Accelerator Model is at the heart of our work and will sky-rocket your business success and put it on a whole new trajectory – onwards and upwards!” said Emerson.

The Business Accelerator Summit, including one being held at Sunley Management Centre in Northampton on 30 June (book here), and at The Cambridge Belfry in Cambridge on 12 July (book here), is aimed at ambitious business owners who want to achieve sustainable growth and reach peak performance.

Regarding the Business Accelerator Summit held in Peterborough, Sam Hodge from Opal Group said, “An engaging and though provoking session to allow business owners time to reflect on where they need to work on their businesses.”

Wayne Palmer from Ecocleen also commented, “A day where you are able to hold your feet to the fire. I really enjoyed the section on marketing and sales.”

Andy Tonnacher from Whitewater came away with “a ton of ideas!” and John Murphy from ROI said, “A very useful refresher on all the things you should be doing and have visibility of”.

The business owners raised £104 at the summit, for local charity Anna’s Hope who make a difference to the lives of children with brain tumours.

So far Emerson has successfully advised more than 200 clients from a wide range of industries including construction, automotive, childcare and technology.

Business owners can book a free business review at Emerson will map out their business over the 7 Sector Business Accelerator Model and share ideas for best practice and identify areas requiring development.

Emerson said: “Our results speak for themselves and we believe in just one day we can show business owners how our proven, tried and trusted model will help them reach for the sky.”