Peterborough Based Charity 'Action on Hearing Loss' use DSM Continuity Service to Support Smooth Office Relocation

Action on Hearing Loss, the UK’s largest charity focused on serving deaf people and individuals with a hearing loss, recently faced the challenge of keeping their call centre operations up and running while relocating to new premises.  DSM Continuity provided a perfect solution by hosting the annual AoHL exercise at their recovery facility while the physical move and systems transfer were going on.  Call centre staff were able to maintain business as usual so that customers were provided with the excellent service they have come to expect from AoHL and were completely unaware of the relocation project.

Penny Jackson, Call Centre Manager for AoHL, said “Our staff very quickly settled into our allocated suite at DSM and found the facility very comfortable and convenient for the duration of our stay.  We were able to carry out all tasks as usual and the overall experience was ideal – no impact on our customers whatsoever from the upheaval of the office move.”

DSM Continuity encourages contract customers to use the facility in instances other than invocation scenarios.  Some examples may be:

– a project which needs a team to work together in a location where they have connectivity to systems but there is not sufficient office capacity within the main premises.

– where seasonal fluctuations in business activity mean that additional office capacity is required for a relatively short period of time.

– if refurbishment work in premises temporarily reduces availability of desk space.

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