Peterborough Arts Festival is back this year bigger than ever and waterproofed

Despite the rain over 40,000 people attended the festival last year! 76.5% of the people attending  travelled into Peterborough specifically for the festival and average spend with city centre businesses was £16.91p/person.

Click Here to see the amazing highlights of last years Festival

This year the festival will be even bigger with more than 22 dates through August and September.
More locations – City Centre, Central Park, Peterborough Cathedral, Key Theatre & Riverside
Some highlights:
Britten Sinfonia will be previewing their proms program in an outdoor classical concert in the Cathedral grounds.
If you saw our Olympic Torch commission this year’s large scale spectacular will outdo last year as with our funding from Europe, we are raising our profile abroad.
Over 500 local people will be involved in a local arts project to create a large scale community lantern parade with Liverpool Lantern Company and Metal.

Through the festival and our arts programs we are looking to create stronger relationships with local business, to understand the business objectives in the city and see how arts can be used to reach new audiences and raise your businesses profile.

Last year we had audiences of 37,000, this year we anticipate over 60,000. Businesses can get involved and raise their profile through publicity and e-marketing. Or build VIP opportunities for your key stakeholders, support skills development, volunteering or participation opportunities for staff, they can be part of two of the performances.

We would love to talk to you about your objectives and see how we can support your business.

Please contact you or Lisa Helin at Vivacity on

Tel: 01733 863771 or 07939542654