PECT want to know your views on waste and recycling
PECT want to know your views on waste and recycling

The environmental charity PECT is offering Peterborough residents the chance to win a £50 Eco Hamper by taking part in a short survey. The survey will explore residents’ views on recycling, identify challenges to waste reduction and help create an evidence base for the new BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy Project.

The three-year project is funded by the European Union via the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme. It will deliver guidance and policies for local authorities, upskill individuals to secure job opportunities, and encourage lasting behaviour change within local communities. In turn, the project will help the Government to achieve its 65% recycling rate targets and enable local authorities and communities to accelerate towards a circular economy.

Feedback from Peterborough residents will be used alongside responses from Essex and Kent to gauge attitudes towards waste management and, in turn, influence waste reduction schemes in their areas.

“We would encourage everyone to take part in our short survey,” explains Alexandra Szczurek, BLUEPRINT Project & Marketing Coordinator (PECT). “We’re keen to hear everyone’s views, which will influence the advice given to local authorities on waste reduction policies, helping to change standard practices for the better.”’

To fill out the survey and help your local community, please click the link below:

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BLUEPRINT is an Interreg-funded European project aiming to assist the transition to a Circular Economy in England and France.

The total project budget is €5.6m, of which the European Regional Development Fund contributed €3.8m
Name of funding programme – Interreg France (Channel) England Programme
Start and end dates – April 2020 to June 2023

To find out more about the project, please contact or visit


About the Interreg FCE program

Interreg France (Channel) England (FCE) is an EU programme set up to foster economic development in the south of the UK and north of France by funding innovative projects which have a sustainable and economic benefit.

It focuses on a range of specific objectives including supporting innovation, improving the attractiveness of the FCE area and developing low carbon technologies.

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