Owed money? Seminar shows tactics for success.

City businesses will be able to experience the atmosphere and process of a creditor’s meeting in January at an innovative seminar.

 Roythornes solicitors and Bulley Davey accountants have joined forces to run a mock creditor’s’ meeting on 24th January at Bulley Davey’s Peterborough offices.

 Speaking about the event, Mike Gregson, insolvency specialist at Bulley Davey said:

 “When a company fails, the creditors (those who are owed money) usually receive an invitation to the creditor’s meeting.   Many companies ignore the invitation because they think that attending the meeting won’t make a difference, but we hope to demonstrate that by engaging with the process, they could recover more of the money they are owed.

 Kate Robbins, head of Roythornes Debt Recovery unit said:

 “The number of creditors meetings continues to rise and the first many people know about it is when they receive an invitation to attend.  The meetings have a formal structure and knowing the right tactics to use when approaching them can increase your chances of success.”

 The firms will role-play the meeting, based on a set scenario, and after the event there will be a discussion on learning points and the key issues that could arise.

 Kate said:

 “We want to make it entertaining as well as informative and we hope that delegates will go away with useful strategies which could help them recover more of their money should they find themselves in this increasingly common situation.”

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