Orton Southgate says YES to fibre

The Peterborough CORE is being extended to reach Orton Southgate as local businesses unite to demonstrate the demand for ultra-fast internet connectivity.

CityFibre told firms in Orton Southgate that it would bring the new pure fibre network to them if there was enough demand.  As a result, over 100 Orton Southgate businesses registered their interest in gigabit speed internet connectivity as part of the ‘Gig Up Orton Southgate’ campaign.

The campaign also received strong backing from the Yes2Fibre campaign, led by Lindsey Hall, managing director of EasyLifeIT, based in Orton Southgate.

Lindsey said: “I’m delighted that Orton Southgate businesses will now get the opportunity to access the digital connectivity they need. It really is unbelievable how poor our current broadband is in this day and age. Fast reliable broadband isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. This demonstrates the power of local businesses to effect change in their areas. I’m counting the days until they can connect me!”

Lindsey launched the Yes2Fibre campaign 18 months ago in a bid to influence policy and become a voice for Peterborough businesses suffering from poor broadband in the commercial districts.

Like other business parks outside the city centre, Orton Southgate was not on the original Peterborough CORE network route, but has joined Fengate, Lynch Wood and Cygnet Park in demonstrating high levels of demand required to extend the network to reach them. Detailed planning has commenced and work is likely to begin in the spring.

Andy Starnes, city development manager at CityFibre, said: “This news is incredibly significant for Peterborough, and will have an important impact on the city’s growth agenda. Orton Southgate is one of the Peterborough’s largest commercial areas and now local businesses will have next-generation digital infrastructure to support their growth and development, keeping them a step ahead of the competition.”

“I’d like to thank everyone who registered as part of the campaign for making it happen. Now it’s time for Orton Southgate businesses to get connected and experience the benefits of what they have achieved.”

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