Opportunities created for skilled individuals

Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is tackling the widening gap between experience and qualifications and through its Skills for the Future project, is aiming to increase employability in the heritage sector.

PECT’s Skills for the Future project has recently been awarded additional funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to continue its good work. So far five of the nine people allocated the original training placements have finished their training with a further four set to start this December. The scheme aims to address the skills gap between those who have qualifications but lack the practical skills required by the sector and has achieved a 100% employment success rate to date.
The funding awarded to this project goes towards supporting trainees financially through bursary payments as well as all travel expenses, training courses and equipment. This use of funding allows the placement to be as accessible to all, regardless of age, gender or financial background.

The past two years have seen candidates gaining unique placements such as, Trainee Gardener at Burghley House, Trainee Ranger at the Nene Park Trust, Trainee Cultural Services Development Officer at Peterborough Museum, Trainee Wildlife Officer at Peterborough City Council and Assistant Reserves Officer at The Wildlife Trust.

The details of how to apply for the next set of placements for 2013 can be viewed on
The new placements include Trainee Gardener/Forester at Burghley House, Trainee Ranger for
the Nene Park Trust, Trainee Historic Environment Officer at Peterborough City Council, Trainee
Heritage Skills Office at Vivacity and Trainee Assistant Reserves Officer for the Wildlife Trust.

To learn more about this project, visit the website at