New system, even better service

Despite such great achievements and feedback in 2011, IPM are not about to sit back. When surveyed, our customers asked one key question of us:

‘As IPM expand their client base, will they be able to deliver the same high touch service?’

In short, Yes. And this is why:


IPM have recruited a number of highly qualified and talented new staff this year, each of whom have brought new skills to the company and are busy training under the guidance of our experienced senior consultants to provide a new generation of Global Mobility Expertise to our clients.


IPM are investing in developing cutting edge software to process platform upgrades to our current package offering our clients an even more efficient service than before.


Talking to our customers we were able to recognise new ways to help you achieve a more fluid and compliant global mobility program. Our new Business Tripper Tracker tool offers clients an easy way to monitor your globally mobile employees whilst ensuring you don’t get caught out by the tax man.