A Peterborough-based marketing communications company is putting its expertise and knowledge of the housing market to good use by helping homebuyers in East Anglia and the East Midlands.

Metrix Marketing ( has launched a new blog, EasternNewHomeBuyer, which provides a variety of news and information that actual and potential new home buyers will find useful to help them make informed decisions about choosing a new property. It can be found online simply by searching for “EasternNewHomeBuyer”.

The new blog offers a variety of material about new homes, housing market updates, current trends and new developments in the UK homebuilding industry.

It also highlights some of the news, comments, statistics and other information featured in regional and national media coverage.

Mike Holland, managing director at Metrix Marketing, said: “We identified the need for an authoritative source of independent information which provides news, insight and updates on the housing market.

“So we have created a new blog which reflects our experience and expertise in this sector. The articles are often relevant to the UK housing market as a whole but there is a strong emphasis on new homes and developments in the East Midlands and East Anglia regions.

“This blog has the potential to become a one-stop-shop for housing industry updates both for actual homebuyers and others who are considering buying properties in these areas.

“Metrix works with a number of clients in the housing sector and this is an ideal opportunity to put this knowledge and experience to effective use by providing information that homebuyers will find relevant, useful and helpful in making informed and important decisions.”

Metrix Marketing was formerly Smye Holland Associates, a marketing communications company established in 1987. In May 2012 the company changed its name to Metrix Marketing to reflect the wider range of services it offers and its commitment to delivering real, measurable, results for its clients.