Peterborough-based marketing communications agency Metrix Marketing ( has launched a service which offers clients ‘marketing UTOPIA’.

It is a structured approach to assessing a company’s needs for marketing communications and then developing a plan to meet them.

Metrix managing director Mike Holland says: “We know that, when it comes to marketing communications, one size really doesn’t fit all.

“We take a structured approach to all aspects of our work. We have now developed the UTOPIA concept as a tool to ensure marketing communications plans are fully aligned with business objectives.”

The UTOPIA name is derived from the initial letters of understanding, transposing, objectives, planning, implementing and analysing.

The Metrix website ( explains UTOPIA as:

•    U is for understanding, for ensuring that Metrix knows as much about the client’s business, its market and its competition as possible.
•    T is for transposing, for ‘spending time in the customers’ shoes’ and, by understanding their needs, better aligning the offer to suit those needs.
•    O is for objective setting, for turning desired outcomes into quantifiable goals that are specific, measurable and realistic.
•    P is for planning, for examining the options and determining which of them is most likely to achieve the desired result.
•    I is for implementing, for turning the plans into action in a precise and coordinated manner.
•    A is for analysing, for measuring, monitoring, updating, reviewing and reflecting upon all of the above!

Mike Holland added: “By applying this approach to all aspects of our work, we can be sure that we’re working at all times towards the same end-goal as the clients and are delivering real return on investment.”

Metrix Marketing was originally founded as Smye Holland Associates in 1987 and changed its name in May 2012. It employs a wide range of marketing communications techniques to help clients raise awareness, change opinions and generate sales.