Peterborough-based marketing communications agency Metrix Marketing ( has signed a deal with ADV Conamole ( – a similar business based in Torino (Turin) in Italy – to provide services to clients of both companies across Europe.

Mike Holland, director of Metrix, said: “Many Italian companies are seeking to break into the UK market and many UK companies are looking to increase exports to European countries such as Italy.

“Working with ADV Conamole we can help international trade in both directions.

“Metrix will help clients of ADV Conamole to promote themselves and their products or services in the UK market and ADV Conamole will do the same for Metrix clients in Italy.”

Massimiliano Alabiso, managing director of ADV Conamole, said: “Metrix and ADV Conamole offer similar services and by working together, with our other international contacts, we can support clients across Europe.”

Metrix has a close working relationship with TDH Marketing ( in Ohio, USA, giving a truly international marketing communications support network for global businesses.

Conamole and Metrix were introduced to one another by Enterprise Europe Network ( when both companies attended the Eco Build exhibition in London earlier this year.

Massimiliano Alabiso said: “We went to Eco Build in search of international business. This deal with Metrix will make it possible for us to help UK companies much more easily than we could do on our own.”