Marathon run of seminars draws the crowds

Roythornes Solicitors completed a marathon run of seminars based around the subject of Mandatory Pensions, with three events in the same day.

The day started at 8:30 with an event at the firms Spalding offices at which over 50 delegates attended to hear about the forthcoming pensions legalisation which will affect every employer in the country.

Speaking at the seminars were Phil Cookson from Roythornes, Nigel Lindley from Riverglen Financial Associates and Adrian Sims from the NEST corporation.

Another session followed at 11:30 where delegates from 25 companies listened to the speakers again emphasise the importance of the new rules and the complexities of administering mandatory pensions for all employees.

Then it was off to Peterborough at the Holiday Inn where another 25 or so delegates from the region heard the speakers again, with the event finishing at just gone seven o’clock.

Speaking about the events, Marketing Manager Mark Dodds said:

“It was quite a logistical feat running all three in one day but we knew they would be popular because of the importance of the subject and we were very lucky to have Adrian from NEST with us for the day, so wanted to maximise his time with us. 

Mandatory pensions will affect every employer and whilst the implementation date may be a couple of years off for some businesses, the message we wanted to get across was ‘start your planning early’.”

Towards the end of the enrolment process there could be up to 120,000 businesses a week coming in to the scheme and many companies may find they have left the all-important administration too late.  The speakers recommended starting 12-18 months before the ‘staging date’.

A copy of the slides for the event can be obtained from Mark Dodds –