Managing Stress for Managers

A Managing Stress for Managers course is being held in Peterborough on Wednesday 27th November.

This course is ideal for people who have responsibility for other staff members in an organisation. It has been designed to raise awareness of how stress affects the well-being and performance of staff, managers and the organisation.

Learn what stress is, how to recognise it, what causes it, how to reduce it and how to manage it.

This course clarifies the understanding of stress and the risk implications for both employee and the organisation.

It enables managers to meet their legal responsibilities. It enables managers to create opportunities for open discussions. It enables managers to identify problems early to enable remedial action.

Assessment is by trainer observation, completion of activities and participation in group activities.

Included in the price is a certificate, course materials, references and tools, lunch and refreshments.

Do you want to attend or know someone who could benefit from this course – contact me on 01733 807779 or email