Makin It Happen publish new online stress course
Makin It Happen publish new online stress course

Makin It Happen – Coaching, Mentoring & Stress Management have just launched a new online stress course for business owners, directors & managers. It is available to buy at a special launch offer price of £10 only (on or before 19 May 2017)

This course is a practical action oriented course designed to give you the tools to reduce your current stress and to enable you to manage stress positively going forward and to be more resilient to stress over time.


This course is designed for you if you are a business owner, director or manager:


* Who is currently finding it difficult to cope with high levels of stress at work or in your business. Whether you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you are going through a very stressful and challenging period or your stress has been building up over time, this course is for you.


* Wanting to learn more about stress management, how to manage stress positively at work and in your business and wanting to learn practical stress management tips and strategies.


The total course is approximately 1 ½ hours in length and each lecture is very short and practical so it is easy to watch. There are also some optional worksheets to complete.


Once you sign up for the course you have lifetime access so you can watch it at your convenience on your computer, tablet or smart phone. You don’t need to watch it all at once and can dip in and out of the lectures at your convenience.