Local company launches new division to help businesses adapt their office environments post pandemic
Local company launches new division to help businesses adapt their office environments post pandemic

Within the last twelve months, companies have had no choice but to embrace flexible working. People across the nation, from call centre staff to solicitors have been working from their home offices and kitchen tables. It is the greatest, fastest and most unpredictable change the corporate world has seen; forcing companies large and small, across the country, to revaluate their commercial spaces.

It’s why, in January 2021, LOF Office Furniture, based in Peterborough, launched the space planning division of the well-established office furniture company, Plann:d.

LOF Partner, Nicola Ford, has been in the industry for over 14 years and has seen the working world go through many changes in that time.

She said: “Businesses have always battled with space issues. Too many staff and not enough desks or too many desks and not enough meeting space. In recent years, breakout and social areas have also been added to the ‘must have’ list as we’ve tried to address the work/life balance issue. Then agile working became the holy grail; providing the choice of spaces to work from, optimising performance.

When the pandemic hit, everything went out of the window. Some businesses have even questioned their need for premises at all.

We’re well-known locally, and in the industry, for our new and pre-owned office furniture. Over the years, we’ve helped many growing companies transition from a couple desks in a small office to over 100 seats in their own premises. We’ve always offered advice and guidance as we help them adapt to change while providing furniture solutions. It’s this design consultation, space planning, growth and change support that Plann:d will now deliver as a standalone service.

Companies have embraced flexible working because they have had to, but they still don’t know how to adapt their work environments. This is exactly how Plann:d can help”

Joining Nicola’s team are Richard Jay and John Greives. Both bring extensive industry experience to the table having delivered projects nationally across both the public and private sector.

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