Local Company Giving Rural Home Owners Free Boilers – Helping Them To Save Money And Save The Planet

A local company is launching a campaign to give away free central heating boilers to rural home owners – helping to reduce the energy bills of homes not connected to mains gas.

Larkfleet Renewables – part of the Larkfleet Group, based in Bourne, Lincolnshire – is an accredited Green Deal Provider and Green Deal Installer.

Subject to the results of an energy survey it can offer many homes that have no connection to the mains gas supply a totally free biomass boiler to replace one running on oil, LPG or electricity. Not only does the household get a new boiler it also saves hundreds of pounds each year in fuel bills.

The money to pay for the boilers is coming from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Martin Ardron of Larkfleet Renewables explained: “As part of international efforts to reduce global warming, the UK aims to reduce carbon emissions from burning fuels such as coal, oil and gas. To achieve this, we need to reduce home energy consumption through improving insulation and switching to ‘renewable energy’.

“In April 2014 the government launched the RHI – a grant to reward householders who use renewable energy to heat their homes. It means qualifying homes could get a biomass boiler absolutely free.”

However, the grant money is limited and homeowners who wish to have a free boiler must act quickly. Martin Ardron added:

“In the past few weeks we have seen the government end the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund which was paying for free insulation for some homes. The RHI is likely to go the same way, so it is vital to apply early to get the grant.”

A biomass boiler burns natural fuel such as wood pellets. The system is ‘carbon neutral’ because all the carbon released by burning the fuel is absorbed by new growing plants grown locally.

The radiators and pipes of your existing central heating system do not need to be altered if you install a biomass boiler. Your heating will work exactly as it does now, giving heating and hot water to suit your individual requirements.

The system can be fully automated, with a fuel feed system that is topped up (like an oil tank) with bulk deliveries of pellets. Depending upon the make and model of biomass boiler installed it requires little more attention than an oil-fired boiler in day-to-day use.

At current fuel prices, switching to a biomass boiler will save around £360 per year in fuel bills for a typical house compared with heating oil – and even more compared with LPG or electricity. Larger-than-average homes and older homes (which tend to be less energy-efficient) will save even more because they use more energy.


Full details of the RHI scheme are on the Larkfleet Renewables website at